Home Staging Tips when Selling Your Home

  Home Staging Tips when Selling Your Home   


You have decided to put your house up for sale.  
Now What? 
Where do I  start preparing my house so that it will attract the right buyer and sell quicker.
Read on...


You are selling your home and are planning to move anyway why not get started packing?
It will have to be done sooner or later anyway. 

Here are some helpful tips:
  •  Grab the trash bag and start throwing!  Keep in mind movers will charge you by how much they move.  Do you really want to pay to move something you're going to throw away when you arrive at your new house?
    How much time will you really have to read that stack of magazines from 3 years ago?  Are you really going to make all of the recipes you've clipped that are piled up on your desk?
  • Next decide what you want to donate or give away.  It's so hard to part with items that aren't broken or that you can still wear (but haven't in the last 2 years).  However, try looking at it this way... if you're not using something, why not donate it so someone else who REALLY needs it!
    Connecticut has many worthwhile charities that would welcome your treasures. Here are but a few:
         Your Local Homeless shelter       Goodwill       Savers  Salvation Army  

Start Packing
  If you've  decide to work with a home stager you will  probably have a list of what needs to go and what can stay.
This is when you'll ask, "What do I do with all this stuff ?"
      *Consider an outside storage facility  Isn't that an investment worth making to get your house sold?
        *What about asking a friend or relative to let you store some of your boxes or small items at their home?
       *Invest in small covered storage boxes for office papers; plastic bins to store items in the utility room; little plastic bins to store personal items in your bathrooms.
If you need help deciding what to throw, donate or keep, ask a good friend to come over and act as your "guide".
There's much you can do to edit and declutter your house before you list it... you just have to decide you're ready to Get It Sold!
Blog Idea By Kathy Streib-Home Stager, Florida

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