What is a CMA and How to Understand It

CMA   aka Comparable Market Analysis

Before placing a properties on the market FOR SALE, it's is a good idea for the Homeowner to obtain a CMA  better known as Comparable Market Analysis.


A Homeowner may receive emails, phone calls from real estate professionals offering a
FREE Comparable Market Analysis , from time to time. This report  helps a homeowner,  thinking of selling their property better determine how other active, closed, under deposit properties will compare to theirs.

The CMA is a great  tools for a  homeowners to use when figuring out:
"what would be a reasonable listing price"

The comparable properties are picked from the most recent real estate activity in the properties' area, the style of the property,  the square footage,  the amenities, the upgrades, as well as how many bedrooms &  baths are in the home.

 Also, the comparables on the CMA are usually in the : New, Active, Pending , Sold, Off the Market, Withdrawn, Cancelled and Expired, status on the MLS.

Homeowner's should analysis the CMA in a non bias fashion. This could be easier said then done.  Homeowner's who have lived in the property for many year, raised their family in the home,  finds themselves having a hard time letting go and accepting the data in the CMA.

The Goals is to:

Compare Apples to Apples and not Apples to Oranges.

If you are working with a Realtor® make sure the  agent explains the CMA so that you fully understand, what the data is saying. Look at the comparable in great details.

Homeowners shouldn't take CMA's data lightly.

 Listing the home, at a price  below or above market value may results in the property sitting on the market or attracting a offer that will not be favorable to the homeowner. A property that sits on the market to long usually sells for less and also may get labeled as having a defect, in a potential buyer's eyes.

Taking the time,  to study the data on  CMA will help the homeowner make better decisions and help them prepare to sell the property so that it doesn't sit on the market, day in and day out.

Would you like to know  the value or your home. 

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