10 Things To Do .... When Buying A Home

1. Meet with a lender for a preapproval. A preapproval is really just a lender’s determination of how much money you will be eligible to borrow.
i. You’ll know exactly what price range you can afford

ii. When you find the home you love, you’ll be able to take action quickly.
iii. Sellers will be more likely to accept an offer from a preapproved buyer
iv. And, finally, you can see if there are any errors on your credit report and, if there is, you can resolve them right away.
2. Take a moment to figure out what your needs are. How many bedrooms do you need, what room or criteria in the house are “must have.”

3. Think about what you want. What is going to make you happy in your new home? Is it a garage? A laundry room on the same level. An extra bathroom? A Family room? Do you like or have time to do yard work?

4. Interview a Realtor. Will your Realtor, take the time to send you listen, to you and get to know what type of home you are interested in. Does the Realtor, set up a certain day and time to meet with you to visit homes. How long does it take the Realtor to return you calls.

5. Take a ride through the neighbor of a property that you are interested in putting an offer on, in the morning, evening and weekends.

6. Listen to you Realtor, as well. They do this for a living and the Realtor will advise you and ring up things that you may not have noticed or thought about.
7. Once, under contract to purchase your home, meet with the lender and turn requested item, as soon as possible. This will assure that you will meet your contingency dates, for inspections, mortgage comment and closing.
8. Be honest with your lender. Lending institution, verify everything. What is not disclosure, upfront, will be discovered and may have a negative impact of your loan application or slow the process down.

9. Aim to have a win win transaction. Were Both, Buyers and Sellers get what they want. Important time are during negotiation of sale price, after and inspections.

10. Seek the opinion of those moving into the home with you or those that know you best. They may help you see things clearer.

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